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We provide a wide range of back office support services  including data entry, data processing, billing, and collections that require effective back office solutions.

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ULTRA LTD specialises in several computer programming languages such as java, MQL, C++, php,NET, Javascript, to name but a few. Further, ULTRA LTD has expertise in several database management systems including but not limited to Oracle, MSSQL, and MySQL, and provides support for this and all related peripherals.
We are the complete answer in Institutional Trading solutions.

Innovative Technology

Concept Development – We are different!

We do more than write our own code, we have created and customised software for Global FOREX suppliers.
We conduct transparent and responsible management, based on an advanced, integrity-centred approach.

Ultra Experience

30+ years experience in developing & implementing trading, risk management and operational solutions


We are headquartered in the UK, with presence in Europe, Asia and North America to be available for you in multiple time zones.

“Risk management is of great importance and frequently of greater importance than profit and is at the core of every solution we create.”

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