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6 Things to Do To Increase the chances of Getting New Back Office Business

The outsourcing industry has evolved over the time ever since its first association with the manufacturing giants likes Coca-Cola. Among the developing countries, India became the hub of business processing outsourcing; the revenue of the industry has crossed $100 billion. Firms based in United States of America, United Kingdom, Australia, and much more in the league, have expanded their business with by outsourcing their services. Within last few years, the outsourcing business is on the all-time peak. But the journey ahead is not easy; there are some challenges before this thriving industry to keep its pace of growth in the longer run. The big firms have some problems with the outsourcing companies, and these companies should consider emphasizing on the following points to get more business and maintain the growth.

1 – Data Protection

The companies need to share their data with the outsourcing vendors, even if they are unwilling to do so if they want to outsource its services. Data is valuable to the company and losing it is nothing less than a nightmare. Companies outsource their data to the trusted vendors who manage their data securely. The outsourcing companies should take some steps for the protection of the data because any company can’t afford to have their data misused by someone else.

2 – Utility of RPA

Nobody can ignore the fact that to err is human. Even the most experienced professionals must have committed mistakes. This isn’t the case with the latest technology. Outsourcing companies have ensured error-free data with the help of Robotic Process Automation. This advanced technique has replaced many manual tasks. The offshore clients outsource its business usually to the companies who rely on the latest technology and expert in Robotic Process Automation. This thing has increased the scope of business for them, and the clients get its services without any mistake.

3 – Lower Operating Cost

Low cost and quality services. This formula drives the outsourcing industry. When a parent company outsources its services; they have to invest time and money in training, traveling, etc. The vendor company should cut down the operating cost using innovative methods of communication to interact and train their people. Always remember that the companies expect you to deliver the quality services at the low price, no matter how you do it.

4 – Additional Services

Who doesn’t want to get something extra within the same amount? When outsourcing companies prepare the packages, they should provide added services to get the client.  It is something that is always preferred by the clients. Additional services have enhanced the scope of their business and operations, and customer satisfaction. The company does not charge for these services if they charge they offer it at a nominal cost.

5 – Flexible Work Hours

The outsourcing industry is broad and is working in different time zones. In some cases time-gap is more than 12 hours. So, the outsourcing companies should commit to providing the services and their availability as per the clients. They should operate as per the time zone of the client. This is very quintessential because BPO companies need to contact the end the company very promptly. Companies offering the back office support services can take some leverage as they don’t have to interact with customers frequently.

 6 – Requirements Oriented Agreement

A contractor an agreement should fulfill all the requirements of the companies.  There are more chances of winning over if the contract is presented from the perspective of the clients. No chances of losing any business if the outsourcing companies are providing the services as per their expectations and, that too, is mentioned in the agreement.

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