6 Things Will Determine Your Success or Failure as a Forex Trader

For most of the forex traders, forex trading is an art for them than the numbers, and charts. More practice and disciplined approach will guarantee trader success in the strategic forex market. In the long term, the talent of honing the skills, learning from the experience and timely self-analysis will take you far.

Ultra Ltd, leading provider of software for Global FOREX suppliers and back office solutions has some tips for you to be an expert trader. Six things will determine your success or failure as Forex Trader.


Like in life, it’s important to have goals in forex trading that will make your journey less complicated and more meaningful. Goals will clear the doubts and what you are going to achieve.  When you are clear enough about your goals, then you have to check whether your compatible trading style will help in achieving your goals or not. Trading styles have different approaches to trading; different risk profile requires a different attitude for successful trading. Your personality and the trading style should match-up to make profits.


If you are a debutant in forex trading, you should consider a broker to help you in trading. Finding a credible broker is a tough task; consult some experienced traders to avoid inconvenient consequences. Understanding the broker’s policies and the trading platform they are providing is of paramount importance.

       3. Methodology

Be clear! Currency trading is a dynamic market thus the information about the currency is crucial to place the trades and to know when to enter or exit a trade. There are two methodologies— one suggests going for the fundamentals of the economy and other calls for technical analysis using charts. Note a point here. Fundamentals drive the trend in the long terms, and the charts offer trading opportunities in the short time. So, be sure to choose your methodology that is adaptive can keep up with changing dynamics.

       4. Entry and Exit Timeframe

Much information that is conflicting in nature can make the things more complicated for the traders. It happens when the trader looks at charts in different time frames. The buying opportunities may be varied in a daily chart and a weekly chart. For the best results, the traders have recommended to synchronize both the charts and keep your timing in sync with them. If your weekly chart gives you a buy signal wait for the daily chart for the confirmation.

       5. Trading Attitude

Attitude is substantial in forex market that can make a difference. Your money will always be at risk, and it’s a kind of universal law. Like the money, you spent on holidays or paying your expensive bills of clothing. Once you spent it, you can’t take it back. This attitude will prepare you psychologically to accept the small losses and which is also a key to manage the risk.  You will achieve success if you focus on your trades and accept the losses than counting your equity constantly.

       6. Tracking Your Performance

Whether you win or lose, it’s always good to know what you have done. Identify the weak points and work on it. The trader should perform weekly analysis; study weekly charts and the news that is related to the forex market when the markets are closed on the weekend. Patience will be necessary for making the best plans as the pundits will try to lure you into the market by spreading lies.

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