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ULTRA LTD Risk Management provides the complete back-office functionality that is wholly owned and developed by ULTRA LTD. This solution is only available to ULTRA LTD’s clients and there is not any product on the market like it. Risk Management is designed to counteract operational and trading risks and streamline the operational productivity of Online Trading. Until now, this has meant purchasing several off the shelf software packages and still being able to achieve your end goal. Our bespoke offering is a central point for managing every aspect of your back-office risk with fully customisable parameters. The ULTRA LTD Risk Management offers full flexible integration capabilities to all industry accepted FIX trading platforms including MT4, and MT5. The solution allows customers to manage straight – through – processing (STP) trades as all trades are auto recorded from one or multiple front-end dealing platforms. ULTRA LTD Risk Management handles trade confirmations, payments, settlements, accounting, statements, introducing brokers reports, and all maintenance regulatory and audit activities.


Our advanced multi-asset algorithm trading platform allows traders to trade and manage different instruments via a simple, single user interface, which is available as a desktop option. This AAA trading terminal benefits our clients as they will be able to offer an all-in-one trading system for asset management companies, proprietary traders, quantitative hedge funds, and investment banks. UlLTRA LTD AAA enables the development, simulation, and execution of multiple complex strategies. UlLTRA LTD AAA includes a fully integrated and complete back office solution which handles trade confirmations, payments, settlements, accounting, statements, all maintenance regulatory and audit activities.


ULTRA LTD provides access to the recognised MetaQuotes family of online and local trading platforms and other related range of services and solutions to help institutional clients make their MT business more efficient and profitable.


ULTRA LTD has available, a superior trading solution that will enable institutions to combine intelligent liquidity management and aggregation, risk management, multiple pricing, smart order routing system, and execution into a single end-to-end platform. This technology will allow clients to benefit from algorithmic trading, and smart auto pricing. ULTRA LTD PM shall allow brokers to combine current real-time pricing from multiple liquidity sources and analyse historic data to identify and take advantage of favourable trading environments on a real-time basis quickly.