About US

ULTRA LTD’s business solutions enable you to increase revenue, reduce outgoings, take advantage of and anticipate challenges like never before through the use of our innovative, broad-scale solution to manage all the components of your financial brokerage. We examine all areas of your business and provide turnkey products and services to assist with the management of risk, liquidity and compliance. An in-house team of accomplished professionals with unrivalled experience in the financial industry deliver a solution which is as special as it is unique in its offering. The mutual objective of creating, servicing and managing your multi-pronged strategy to establish and grow your institutional trading business ensures a longevous and prosperous relationship ensues.


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We have a team of professional developers, who have created unparalleled trading proprietary packages for some of the largest names in the industry. Our developments are competitively priced, faultless, and intuitive. ULTRA LTD have a unique take in our approach on these tailored software solutions for our clients. We firmly believe that only through having a complete understanding of our clients’ needs are we able to fully meet and, most often, exceed all expectations of our clients. These requirements are laid out specifically in the Project Development Agreement; where ULTRA LTD takes the role of consultant, using all their years of experience in helping clients develop their idea into a working solution.

ULTRA LTD specialises in several computer programming languages such as java, MQL, C++, php,NET, Javascript, to name but a few. Further, ULTRA LTD has expertise in several database management systems including but not limited to Oracle, MSSQL, and MySQL, and provides support for this and all related peripherals. We are the complete answer in Institutional Trading solutions.