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Follow These 3 Steps to Make More Profits Out of Your Back Office Business This Year

A new year has just begun; the best way to make the best out of this year is to start retrospection of what went wrong for you previously and how you can overcome it. This is an excellent time to make a successful business plan for this year.  Mistakes are a part of the business and if anyone says he didn’t commit even once then consider him as God. Well, the bottom line is that committing mistakes is not a mistake as it gives you experiences for the future but you should be open to identify those errors and work towards rectifying it.

The mistakes can be fixed in-house; Ultra Ltd has successfully built the prestige in the outsourcing industry and Forex Suppliers market keeping the following things in mind time to time.

         1. Re-evaluation of Tech

A year has just ended, now it’s time to see whether you technology setup is going to be with you in this year or not. Invest in the best technologies as inexpensive solution brings new problem time by time. Many technologies have a short lifespan, so investing in technologies that will be with you in the longer run.

If you are a startup that then you should line up your tech solutions with the following indicators of future business success:

  • The number of quality, active relationships
  • Increasing profits while decreasing the cost of goods sold (COGS)
  • Employee turnover rate


         2. Assess Your Market

The level of your understanding about the market will decide your success or failure in the business. As things change over the time so as the market changes too, you need to assess the ever-changing market and its needs sincerely. There are two ways to identify your role and your business’ sustainability.

  • Customer lifetime value

The value of your product/services to customers is determined by the Customer Lifetime Value (CLV). It helps you to understand the efficiency of your channels and how useful it is for the customers.

  • Customer retention rate

The best way to understand the quality of your services is when you understand the customer retention rate. If it more, then you are going in the right direction otherwise there is a red light warning you.

          3. Track Your Expenditure

Once the year ended, it’s time for you to track the loss or profits you suffered or gained during the time. If there is unnecessary expenditure and now it can be cut down this year. The best way to track is to make a sheet about the following points:

  • Recording sales
  • Checking for missing credits or payments
  • Adjusting for inventory
  • Allowing deferrals for future statements
  • Factoring in accruals

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