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What do we mean by that?

Our main algorithms (there are several which can be employed when market conditions dictate their use) is contrarian. It does not rely on large directional “bets” being held until all possible profit has been sucked out of them. Each algorithmic trade has a purpose, it is part of a sequence and the only possible outcome of that sequence is profit.

The strategy has been in development for many years but only in the last year or so have software and hardware capabilities been sophisticated enough to put the theory into practice. No human, in fact no team of humans can operate such a strategy manually. Trades have to be opened and closed at the exact prices calculated, whenever this happens and no matter how fast the market is moving. Only an algorithm can do this. The only variable we allow is market movement, which not only dictates the length of time a trade is open for (typically a few hours) but is a necessary component of profit.


We Are Different!

Our Algorithms place equal importance on RISK and PERFORMANCE This is radical but demonstrates that risk management is at the core of everything we do.

Our approach.

Carefully designed algorithms, as per clients’ needs, will be able execute tirelessly, every hour that the market is open, profits are banked minute by minute.
The human element is able to then focus on risk management.