An Ultimate Guide Before You Open Your First Live Forex Account

Eventually, you all want to be rich like any other person on this planet. Forex Trading gives you the opportunity to earn profits in less time. It is possible, even if you are not adept at the trading business. Remember, Forex Trading is not everyone’s cup of tea. Every coin has two sides. So, don’t get started doing, Trading at any time; research and gain knowledge about its working. This will help you in trading for the long-term without suffering any losses.

If you want to do trading Forex, Ultra Ltd, an established name in bespoke forex solutions and global FOREX suppliers software, has prepared a to-do list before you open your first live Forex Account. Read it first; thank us later.

       1. Find a Credible Forex Broker

Since Forex trading has expanded at a large scale thus, you have plenty of options to choose the best Forex broker for you. You should look for someone who has a reputed name in the Forex Territory along with an excellent customer support and a state-of-the-art trading system. The broker should have a license should provide you the ultimate trading opportunities using his trading tools.

      2. Set up a Demo Forex Account

Wait. You should not open your live account now. Open a demo account before a live account to understand the ins and outs of the trading platform. Demo account is same as the original, but trading is not real. But it gives you enough opportunity to explore all the features of the trading platform, i.e., how to open or close a trade.  It has one more hidden advantage as you will get to know your Forex broker better and their customer support before a live account.

       3. Research About the Market

Research, research, and only research. A good understanding of this market can save you losses in this risky business. Understanding the market is substantial here; learning two perform the market analysis is equally important too. It does not matter much whether your analysis method is fundamental or technical, or a combination of the two.  The trading type will be crucial for the analysis, and the analysis depends on the type of trading.

Performing fundamental analysis is recommended for the term-term traders while the primarily technical analysis is for the short-term trends. The latter is much flexible and faster makes it easier for the day trader.

       4 .Choose your Trading Account

Standard Trading Accounts, Mini Trading Accounts, and Managed Trading Account are the types of forex trading account.  It is advised to get research about the pros and cons of these accounts as most forex brokers offer you many options. Remember you specific investment requirements should match with your trading account. Keep in mind the factors such as minimum deposit and currency pair options before you open your trading account.

        5. Prepare an Outstanding Trading Plan

All the successful forex traders have achieved success with a great trading plan.  One cannot accomplish the feat without it. A great plan should include critical factors— expectations, exceptional trading approach and entry and exit strategy.

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